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  • Why a work van is better than an ordinary car

    Why you should get a work van to replace your car

    We like to praise the virtues of a good work van from time to time. However, we appreciate that not everyone has had the good fortune of owning one before, and as such may not realise why we put them on such a high pedestal.

    In the modern age, you will get the occasional worker sticking to using their standard every day car for work that a van would be far better suited to. So here's a rundown of a few benefits a trusty work van has over your school run family car.

    No need to worry about trailers

    Get called in for a job involving heavy equipment or moving large items, and you'll soon find there's not much room left in your average four-seater.

    You could resort to using a trailer, but that takes time to attach and detach as well as acting as a drag on fuel.

    Vans are sized up to carry large, heavy objects at all times. Even if it's only a rarity in your profession, it's worth having one as a back-up for when you need that extra space.

    Better organised work tools

    Not only can you fit more into a van, but if you're willing to invest the time into it then you can organise all your tools effectively too.

    Install a few shelves and lay out the boxes accordingly, and you'll have all your work gear in one place and ready to access at all times.

    Don't cause a scene

    If you do manage to squeeze all your gear into an ordinary sized car, chances are you'll have to take it all out again once you've reached the work station just to find anything.

    This'll probably lead to more carrying and ultimately waste time. Bring it in a van and you'll be able to leave what you don't need inside while still being able to reach the rest.